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Title : Chawki - Habibi I Love You Ft. Pitbull (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | شوقي
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Chawki - Habibi I Love You Ft. Pitbull (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | 2013
شوقي و بيتبول - حبيبي (فيديو كليب حصري) | 2013

Produced By: RedOne

Digital Distribution: Qanawat

[Pitbull : INTRO]
Ahmed Chawki
Habibi,I love you
I need you,Habibi
Ghannili w Khallini Ma'ak غنيلي وخليني معـــاك
(Sing to me and let me stay with you)
Habibi,I love you
I need you,Habibi
Duwwebni f Nar Hwak دوبـــني فنــار هواك
(Make me melt by your love's fire)
[Ahmed Chawki] Verse I
Awwel marra shuftek etghayyar hali أول مرة شفتك تغير حالي
(First time I saw you,my temper changed)
Ihssass ghrib ma'araft mali احساس غريب معرفت مالي
(a strange feeling,didn't know what's up with me)
Bghitek habbitek etkuni dyali بغيتك حبيتك تكوني ديالي
(I loved you and I wanted you to be mine)
N'ish...hyati ma'ak نعيش حياتي معاك
(So I can live my life with you)
Hluwwa bezzaf yehssan e'wani حلوة بزاف يحسن عواني
( so sweet, poor me)
Mlekti roohi slebti kayani ملكتي روحي سلبتي كياني
(you acquired my soul,pulled out my existence)
Kelmet Habibi Khalliti Lssani كلمة حبيبي خليتي لساني
(with the word "darling" you left me )
Yghanni b kul lughat..يغنيها بكل اللغات
(singing with all languages)
Ya habibi la la يا حبيبي لا لا
(Oh Darling no no )
Haram A'lik tkhallini wahdi f yoomحرام عليك تخليني وحدي في يوم
(Please don't leave me one day)
yemchi men e'ini noom men khufi a'likيمشي من عيني النوم من خوفي عليك
(I'd be sleepless worrying about you)
[Pitbull] Rap
I play this game closely
For the bread and butter huh!
Yeah they try to toast me
I'm married to the game
But the game don't love me
Hey don't leave me in a heartbeat
That's why I'm cold-blooded
When I say I love you,I mean it deeply
I can't see life without you living with me
And if you love someone I know you feel me
When I say before they take you they want to kill me
I'm talking they don't have to arm me or maybe seal me
Yeah the world knows Pitbull babe
you know the real me
I play any hand that deal me
So tell that dealer he gon' have that deal with me
even when you don't I'mma hunt you like a Chris Reber
time out final fall!
So til' the sky comes crushing down
World falls apart
'til death do us part
You're my heart for so!
[Ahmed Chawki] Verse II
Makayen lash nghayyar men hali مكاين لاش نغير من حالي
(There's no need to change myself)
Wala nhawel nkun metali ولا نحاول نكون مثالي
(Or try to be perfect)
Baraka ghir jnuni w hbali a'lik باركة غير جنوني وهبالي عليك
(It's enough how crazy I am about you)
eKhallwni hdak يخلوني حداك
(Hope they let me stay beside you)
Haja wahda ghankulhalek حاجة وحدة غانقولها لك
(I'll tell you one thing)
Men had lahda wejdi halek من هاد اللحظة وجدي حالك
(From this moment on,stand by)
Kul sa'ada nwerrihalek كل السعادة نوريهالك
(I'll show you all happiness)
W'entir ana w yak ونطير أنا وياك
(And fly, me and you)
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