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Title : The Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in 2 Minutes.
Description : A true Christians Live By These 30 Attributes.

1 A True Christian knows God hears every thought that runs through the mind.
2 A True Christian searches the the soul like a hungry wolf for unholiness and adjusts themselves.
3 A True Christian acknowledges their sins before God and asks him to begin a work in them.
4 A True Christian uses free will to war against sin they have have discovered & breaks covenants with demons in their soul.
5 A True Christian must apply EVERY verse of the bible to their life ..not choosing some verses and leaving out others.
6 A True Christian has scripture on tap (living in them) to use as a weapon against demonic lines of thinking.
7 A True Christian puts kingdom work and the will of God before everything else including food and family.
8 A True Christian puts their PHYSICAL BODY into serving the Lord and puts their faith into action.
9 A True Christian has overcome laziness and doubt they are not merely cheerleaders of fruitful men of God.
10 A True Christian asks people with discernment who know them personally to point out their flaws & wars to fix them.
11 A True Christian does not let demonic temptations go past one or two seconds in their mind.
12 A True Christian prepares their mind beforehand for persecution and prepares their bodies to be tested on all levels.
13 A True Christian judges their works by its fruit and adjusts it accordingly.
14 A True Christian grows in more fear and reverence of the Lord every year rather then getting more comfortable with God.
15 A True Christian relies on God more each year and relies on self less each year.
16 A True Christian does not compromise righteousness for personal gain.
17 A True Christian does not serve money but money serves them.
18 A True Christian integrates fasting into their spiritual walk with Christ.
19 A True Christian flees from fruitless self serving lusts.
20 A True Christian is completely indifferent to the opinions of men and seeks the approval of God only.
21 A True Christian desires truth in all aspects of life ..he hates lies & turns from vanity and hypocrisy.
22 A True Christian is not a partaker in sin or a partaker in ongoing fellowship with worldly sinners.
23 A True Christian stops living for personal achievements and lives for God.
24 A True Christian knows that without God he can do nothing.
25 A True Christian is humble and knows he can be replaced by a stone.
26 A True Christian is a servant of all … he brings himself low so God can raise him up.
27 A True Christian walks the middle of the road between legalism and an attitude of hyper grace on willful sins.
28 A True Christian does not seek to fix others on issues they have not mastered or minister beyond their faith.
29 A True Christian is aware that God will not use a him for big things until he is faithful with small things.
30 A True Christian holds the attitude that his salvation is a work in progress not a one time past event.

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